Unique Dungeons and Dragons Experience-Ben Smith


Date: March 4th
Time: 6-7 PM dinner, 7-10 D&D Game
Location: 107 W. 9th St., Bloomington IN 47404
Theme: Paired food with custom Dungeons and Dragons Session
Food: A sampling of food you will know, that will make an apperence in the game as well

BPP Associate Artistic Director, Ben Smith, has created a custom D&D game that is perfect for seasoned pros at Role Playing games and novices alike. Characters will be premade in terms of abilities, but the characterization is up to you. In a fun twist the food consumed at the session will make special apperances in the game itself. Want to find out how? You will have to sign up and see.

Price: $50

ONLY 6 seats are available for this unique event so please don’t wait. Contact Brad Schiesser today to pay for your seat 812-334-1188 or [email protected]

Special Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors