Gourmet Brunch Escape Challenge-Ellee & Bret Spier and Bob Arnove

Date: February 23rd
Time: 11 AM- 2PM
Location: 2110 E. Covenanter Dr. Bloomington, IN 47401
Theme: Gourmet Brunch with a fun Challenge component
Food: gourmet, multi-course brunch with ingredients from the Spier Family’s urban farm, Gluten free and dairy free options

So, you want to feast on gourmet pancakes, quiches, cheeses and other brunch faire including ingredients from the Spier Family Urban Farm? First, you have to work with fellow BPP supports to solve the challenges of the BPP heist!

There is a heist afoot in the lovely city of Bloomington! The Chief of the BPP, Chad Rabinowitz, has tasked your group of expert private investigators to find out WHO is threatening to wreck the BPP’s amazing annual event and WHERE they are going to break in around town. Only your group can make sense of all the whispers on the street and stop the heist and save the BPP’s event!

Price: $50

ONLY 25 seats are available for this unique event so please don’t wait. Contact Brad Schiesser today to pay for your seat 812-334-1188 or [email protected]

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