Blind Taste Test Party – Gabe Gloden & Emily Goodson

Date: February 26th
Time: 8-10PM
Location: 1302 E Elliston Dr, Bloomington, IN
Theme: Blind Taste Test Party
Food: See Below

Are your taste buds up to the test? Do you know the difference between Coors and Bud? Are you able to detect the subtle differences in aroma and mouthfeel between Jif, Skippy and Peter Pan?

Join us for an evening of fun and blind tastings where your hosts Gabe Gloden and Emily Goodson will challenge you to eight rounds of blind taste testing. Compete against your fellow guests to see who can correctly identify brands of various products that you’ve probably enjoyed over the years by taste alone! Watch as your well-established brand loyalties are threatened by your very own taste buds! Find out if you actually prefer Pepsi after all!

In addition to the tastings, Gabe and Emily will provide light appetizers and non- and alcoholic beverages (including a variety of cocktails)… for palate cleansing purposes, of course! The winning guesser will leave with an awesome gift and the loser will receive a shameful consolation prize. And everyone will have had their fill of mayonnaise by the end of the night!

Cost is $50

To reserve your seat for this unique event Contact Brad Schiesser at [email protected] or 812-334-1188

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