Citrus Cotton Candy Cornbread by Sheila Butler

Citrus Cotton Candy Cornbread by Sheila Butler


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Citrus Cotton Candy Cornbread (v, gf)

Side dish

By Sheila Butler




5 oz of cotton candy, I used blue raspberry

1 Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit juice (1.5 cup divided)

Grapefruit pieces (optional)

Cornmeal (1 cup)

Can of corn (drained)

Can of coconut milk full fat (13/14 oz)

Sorghum flour (1 cup)

Psyllium powder (1 TBS)

Chia seeds (2 TBS ground in 6 TBS water)

Potato starch (2TBS)

Salt 2 tsp

1 jalapeno

Baking powder (2TBS)

Basalmic vinegar (I used grapefruit)




If you can do this day before. Slice grapefuit into rounds place in microwave dish with 3/4 cup juice, 2 oz of cotton candy and cover and mictowave for 5 to 6 minutes then let stand. Then pour cooked grapefruit slices and cottoncandy juice in pan and cook down until liquid is gone, keep turning. You are making candy grapefruit. Then I put in oven at 180 and left for 4 hours and then let rest overnight so they would get hard. Break into pieces to decorate.


Batter can be made in blender.


Prep chia eggs, I like to further ground my chia and then add water stir and let sit it will turn to gel.


In blender put can of drained corn, corn meal, can of coconut milk, 3/4 cup juice, jalapeno (seeded), chia egg, 2 oz cotton candy, blend that to lightly chop corn and pepper and combine. Depending on blender you may want to dump in bowl. Add other dry ingredients of flour, psyllium, salt, potato starch and stir well. You can bake in loaf pan. I put in brownie pan and muffin tin for individual portions. Bake at 350 til done and lightly brown. I think it was 30 minutes but GF baking is different. A loaf will take close to an hour.


I made my candy grapefruit same day so they weren’t ready.


Because I was impatient, I topped one batch with pieces of pink grapefruit and topped with salt and baked. Not my favorite version.


Top with pieces of cotton candy and candy grapefruit rind when serving.

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