A different dog is hidden in each sentence of the news item below, and each of those dogs has an extra letter inside it. For example: MAILBOX PERMIT conceals the dog BOXER with an extra P in it. Each dog contains at least five letters and uses letters from at least 2 consecutive words. Ignore all punctuation except periods.


The holiday race is set to begin and the puppies are all extremely sharp, feisty and exuberant. Some are relaxing and some are ready for the big race, with the audience on needles and pins cheering them on. “I’ve never been more excited,” said Grey H, “sounds of alarms are blaring.” A formal test each day is held to find out the starting positions in the epic race. Everyone agrees that the trick to winning is to be agile and nimble. It’s common knowledge that you’ll need to prepare for precise turns before bushes and after riverbanks. Winners receive a hardcore gift: free treats for life!

Submit the secret code to C.H.A.R.L.I. via text at 541-423-2641.


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