What’s in the box?

We can’t tell or it’ll ruin the fun! But, in general, you’ll receive items that allow you to interact with the shows and create an immersive experience in your own home. For Mystery in a Box, that means clues and decoders. For Magic in a Box, that means cards and predictions. For the cruise it means things that will allow you to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation in your living room. Stuff like that! Part of the excitement is not knowing what you’ll get or what the experience will be!

What does interactive mean? Will I have to “act” or pretend to be someone like in a murder mystery party?

Our shows are designed to have elements in the box where you can interact. For example, you may participate in a card trick for the magic show, learn how to make a towel animal on the cruise, solve a clue in the Manhunt, or paint a masterpiece during Painting for One. But this is NOT like a murder mystery party where you have to interact with characters and pretend to be one yourself. At no point will you be asked to play a role.

Can I watch any time?

These are live events. Think of it like theater in your home. You’re purchasing a ticket to a show at a specific date and time. You’ll need to be on time!

Are the shows really live?

Yes! All of our shows (with the exception of the film festival) have live performers. Some footage might be pre-recorded (e.g. security cam footage in the Mystery Box), but all will have a live element with paid actors and a behind-the-scenes tech crew.

What if my internet goes out?

No worries. If you have any technical issues then let us know and we’ll get you a ticket to another performance.

Is it refundable or exchangeable?

You may request a refund at any time prior to your box being shipped. After that point, you can still get a refund for the price of the ticket minus the cost of the box. You may request an exchange for another date for the same event at any time.

What if we’re in quarantine? Will the shows be canceled?

No! These are all designed so that you can watch from home and our actors can perform either in a studio, in their homes (with our equipment), or in some safe and socially-distanced manner. The show not only must go on, but in our case, it WILL go on!

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for the box are already included in the price of your ticket.

Do I need any special software or equipment?

Nope! You just need reliable internet access. All of our shows use Zoom, which you do not need to download or sign up for in order to participate. You simply click on the link and enter the code at showtime.

Do I need one ticket for each person watching?

It depends. We’ve done everything we can to keep these experiences as affordable as possible so everyone can get a box. We recommend getting one for each person if each of you want to experience the fun first-hand (sharing is overrated). But yeah, you totally save money by purchasing just one if needed. Please note that for Paint in a Box we HIGHLY recommend you purchase one per person so that each viewer can have the fun of painting along with the show.

I’ve seen shows on Zoom and Facebook Live before, is it like that?

Think of this as the high-end version of that. Yes, we use Zoom, but our shows are much more like an interactive TV broadcast than a webcam. In many cases we’re operating multiple cameras on our performers with specialized lighting, highly detailed sound and music cues, and other fancy technology that makes this a heightened experience.

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