Living Room Cruise Lines

Living Room Cruise Lines

A Cruise in a Box

November 4-14
November 4, 2020 @ 8:00 pm
Living Room Cruise Lines

Written by Hank Greene & E.J. Cameron
Music & Lyrics by Beth Hyland & Hank Greene
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz
Sponsored by Ruth Albright and Cynthia & Dale Nelson

Set sail for an unforgettable, high seas staycation on the world’s first ever Cruise in a Box! Your ticket doesn’t just buy you passage on this not-so-nautical adventure, we’ll also be mailing you a special “SHIPment” – filled with everything you’d expect from a luxury cruise liner; plush towels that we’ll teach you to transform into animals for your cabin, ocean-scented candles, a little umbrella to shade your favorite tropical drink, and so much more! Then, you’ll join your Live Virtual Cruise Director for a night of world-class Shipboard entertainment and variety performances as you sail across the globe – all from your own couch!


November 4-7, 10-14 @ 8:00pm


On Sale – $35 (Limited Time Only)

Regular price – $45

*If tickets are purchased less than 6 business days in advance of the event, we cannot guarantee your box will arrive in time.

**This show is written for adults but is family-friendly.

What is an “In The Box” show? – Click here to find out more.

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