Chopped: New Play Gourmet

You’re invited to participate in one of our biggest events of the year – an event that could have YOUR dish appear on a restaurant menu!

Each year at this time we hold our 30 Days of Dinner fundraiser – one of our most important fundraising events. In order to make it covid-friendly, we’ve created an entirely new event inspired by that tradition. We call it, CHOPPED: NEW PLAY GOURMET.

We’ll provide you with three surprise ingredients that you must use in a dish. It’s up to you to create and cook an original recipe that highlights those three ingredients (you may use any additional ingredients of your choosing). You’ll simply provide us with a photo of the dish along with the recipe and we’ll put it up on our website where people can give your dish a star rating (by donating). Whoever gets the most stars wins and their dish will be featured for a weekend at Truffles Restaurant!

You can choose any ONE day you’d like to cook between April 16-24, so it’s completely flexible to your schedule. That day we’ll provide you with the list of surprise ingredients. If you’re local and would like to pick them up from us, we’ll have a bag with all of them ready for you at BPP. But no matter where you are on the planet, you can participate by simply picking up the ingredients at your local grocery store.

A winner will be announced at our live, virtual event with local celebrity chef, Bob Adkins, on Thursday, April 29 @ 8pm ET (free to the public). You do not need to be available to attend this to participate.



The cost to participate is a minimum donation of $25 per person. But remember, this is a fundraiser, so we ask that all participants help us out by asking friends and family to support their dish. Once you’ve cooked your meal and sent us the photo/recipe, we’ll put it up on a website where people can show their support by buying you a star for your dish. Each star costs $25 and they can give you as many stars as they’d like. For every additional $25 that you raise, you’ll get a star. The three dishes with the most stars will move onto our live round on April 29.

*These stars may or may not be Michelin stars. We’re not sure though because, for some unknown reason, the Michelin man hasn’t returned our calls.


In addition to the fundraising champions, one Staff Choice winner will also move on to the live round. This winner will be selected by a committee of BPP staff led by highly-skilled cook and avid foodie/wine connoisseur, Rob Shakespeare. The decision will be made solely on merit, based upon the submitted photo/recipe (no fundraising amount factored in).



A star is earned for every $25 raised in support of a dish. The three dishes with the most stars along with the Staff Choice winner will be announced at our Zoom show on Thursday, April 29. During the live event, BPP Producing Artistic Director, Chad Rabinovitz, will interview local celebrity chef, Bob Adkins, of Truffles Restaurant. They’ll discuss their favorite entries, talk about the challenges posed by the surprise ingredients, and discuss what our expert chef would have done with them. The audience will be given the opportunity to learn from Bob through a Q&A session. Finally, using the provided recipes, we will recreate the four dishes (prior to the show) and they will be tasted live by Chef Adkins. He will select the winner who will have the distinct honor of having their dish added to the Truffles menu for a weekend. The winner will also receive the coveted BPP Champion Hat.



With your initial $25 donation to register for the event, you’ll be given 1 Star. But we will also give you the option of doubling that donation to $50 and starting instead with 5 Stars! A 5 Star dish is MUCH better than a 1 Star dish – so you know what to do.

We’ll also give you an additional 5 Bonus Stars for every contestant you refer to us. When they sign up to cook, simply have them mention your name as a referral. Invite your family to join or challenge your friends from across the country to compete against you. Everyone would love the bragging rights of having their recipe on an actual menu no matter where they live! And every time someone joins, you increase your chance of winning.



To sign up, follow the link below to make your donation and select your cooking date. Please note that your cooking date is flexible and you may change it at any time.

We hope that you’ll choose to cook a delicious meal for yourself in support of the BPP! And who knows, you may even start a new career in the process.

Special Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors